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Welcome to the Scarborough Youth Lacrosse Club.  Our club offers exciting programming to athletes from Kindergarten to 8th grade throughout the Spring.  

We are a volunteer run organization that strives to teach players the art of Lacrosse, which is called "The Fastest Game on Two Feet".   Our focus is to learn sound fundamentals lacrosse techniques and proficiencies.  If you're ready to move, run, and work together in a close team environment then Scarborough Youth Lacrosse is for you!  No Experience Necessary. 

Registration begins in January 1 Early Bird Closes March 6 Last Day to Register April 2 (with additional $75 late fee).  Links to the current season registration will be found on the Registration Information Tab
Cost :  Current Fees for the 2017 Spring Season $125 (grade 3-8)  $75 (grade 1-2)  

In addition, a $30.00 - US Lacrosse Membership is required to participate  

US Lacrosse Membership:
SYL requires membership in U.S. Lacrosse. During the registration process you can obtain or renew US Lacrosse membership. Membership must be valid through the duration of the program which you have registered for.  (Regular Season/ Extended Play/Camps/Tournaments).  With your U.S.Lacrosse Membership you will be insured for all lacrosse activities, will gain access to tons of information about the sport, and be issued a monthly copy of Lacrosse Magazine.
Practice and Games:

Practice for Grades K-2 program will be 1 day a week most likely Wednesday and have inter team games on Sundays.
Practice for Grades 3-6 will be 2 days a week with games on Saturdays or Sundays.  There is some travel required for this age group, to towns from Wells to Yarmouth.
Practice for Grades 7-8 will be 3 or 4 days a week, with games Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.  There will be required travel for these teams.
Required Equipment:
No Equipment is needed for Grades K through  2.  All Equipment for Grades K-2 will be issued by Scarborough Youth Lacrosse.  This equipment is loaned by the club and must be returned in good shape at the end of the season.  Failure to do so by July 1 wil result in the family being charged for the missing items.
Grades 3 to 8, each player must provide his or her own equipment as follows:
* Approved lacrosse helmet
* Stick
* Gloves
* Arm pads
* Shoulder pads
* Mouth guard
* Athletic supporter with cup

* Protective eye wear/goggles
* Mouth guard
* Stick

We highly recommend cleats for all players!

Scarborough Youth Lacrosse believes in the development of all players, regardless of size, athletic ability, or skill level.  Safety, a positive team experience, and kids having a great time exercising are our top priorities.  We are not coaching for wins.  For that reason:
  • All SYL teams are created to be even weighted.  
  • Playing time is equal through Sixth Grade.  Players will be substituted through different positions to be exposed to various experiences.
  • Attendance is important to ensure playing time.  Players not attending practices will be limited in their playing time and the positions they are allowed to play.  We ask that you inform coaches when you will not be able to attend practices or games.
  • Behavioral, safety,  and/or disrespect issues to coaches, officials, or teammates WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  We have a 3 step process for addressing these issues:
  1. 1st offense: Coach will speak with the player and explain the issue. Play sits out the remainder of practice/ game.
  2. 2nd offense: Coach will speak with the player and explain the issue. Play sits out the remainder of practice/ game. Coach will discuss with the parents of the player.
  3. 3rd offense: Player will be removed from the team and Scarborough Youth Lacrosse.  
  • We will not move players up to different levels because of talent level.  Players will play with their grade based teams.  If you feel your child's talent is advanced for his/her grade there are plenty of off-season opportunities available.
  • We encourage all children to play multiple sports when not in lacrosse season.  Our strong belief (and that of all lacrosse high school and college coaches) is that specialization at these young ages is detrimental to the young athlete.